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SuperFabric® materials offer the highest level of environmental friendliness which is Prevention. In other words, as a durable product, it gets used over a much longer period of time, therefore it does not create nearly the amount of waste for landfills. All components of SuperFabric® are very easy on the environment, including the hard guard plates and the base fabric as well.

Here are the key points of SuperFabric® that make it very environmentally friendly

* Manufacturing by-products are significantly lower than government regulations mandate.
* Epoxy is cured with no chemicals involved – Solvent Free.
* No VOC’s.
* No Phthalates.
* No water is used in the processing of SuperFabric®.
* Disposable.
* Cured epoxy is inert, stable, and nontoxic. Safe to dispose without special treatment.

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